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Enjoy Rome with Happy Village


valid from 01/03/2018 to 04/11/2019

In the middle of Veio Natural Park,
not far from the centre of Rome,
our camping offers special rates  
to any kind of groups: 

MARCH: € 5.00 per person
APRIL: € 7.00 per person
MAY: € 8.00 per person
JUNE: € 9.00 per person
SEPTEMBER: € 7.00 per person
OCTOBER: € 5.00 per person

Price for groups of minimum 20 persons, it includes: 
pitch - electricity - hot showers - swimming pool (when opened) -
pic nic area with barbecue and tables - parking. 

Not included: overnight accommodation tax for the city of Rome,
€ 2.00 per person per night (except children under 10 years). 

On request: shuttle bus to and from Prima Porta railway train station,
€ 1.50 per person (there and back).

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